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— Bookworm - Part 1


“Here you are.” The waitress serves you a big cup of caramel latte macchiato, your favorite coffee. Like every Friday you’re sitting in ‘your’ seat at your favorite coffeehouse: it’s a soft couch in the corner of the coffeehouse from where you can see everything. Not that you’re aware of anything that’s happening around you though, you’re way too caught up in your book.
Every Friday you´re done early with college and you go for a coffee. You always drag a book with you so you can relax at the coffee place.
“Thank you” you say while you take in the scent of your caramel latte macchiato, your favorite scent in the world. “You can’t get enough of that, can you?” The waitress smiles. You have been a regular customer  for half a year now, the employees know by now what your favorite drink is. Every once in a while you get a new taste coffee served (drink on the house) to try them, but none of them -yet- beat your caramel latte macchiato. You take a sip and smile. “Hmmm, nope. Can’t get enough of that.” You can’t get the big smile off your face right now.
After ten minutes you got your coffee you’re caught up in the book again. You, thoughtful as always when reading a book, doesn’t take any notice about what’s happening around you: A little kid is crying, one of the employees drops a glass and it breaks, you don’t hear a thing.

The doorbell rings, which means a new customer arrives. The person walks up to the counter and takes a good look around. He takes in everything what’s happening around him: from the working employee who’s cleaning up the floor to the crying little kid to.. you. His eyes lingers on you for a while ‘til he get distracted by the woman behind the counter. “Sir, how can I help you?” Her head is slightly tilt to the left as she was asking that question for the third time. “Caffè panna please,”  he replies with a deep voice.
You jump, your heart skipped a beat or two. [Geez]. You try to look around searching for what made you jump like that. Nothing ever dragged you out of your book like that before. When people needed you they really needed to take the book away from you if they wanted you to respond. Failing to find what you’re looking for, you start to read again. The story of the book is finally dragging you in again and then..

“Nice book ah?”  You jump. “Yaa.” You don’t look away from your book, scared for what you’d see if you take your eyes off of it. It was the same thing that made you jump before. And now it’s here, right in front of you. Well, actually you need to say he is here. “Mianhae, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he says softly with his deep voice.
[Omo, what should I do, what can I do? Omo, can’t handle this.. That voice, it’s too much..] your thoughts are going crazy. “Naahw.. don’t be sorry. It’s my fault,” you giggle, still not looking away from your book.
“How’s.. that your fault? I’m not sure I get it..” a confused voice replies.
“I get too caught up in my book.. I don’t see or hear a thing while reading.”
He’s sitting opposite of you and he’s watching you very captivated but you can’t see that while you still don’t look at him. Suddenly you hear a chair moving and a warm hand lifts your chin. You refuse to take your eyes of the book and he notices that. A smile lightens up his face. He slowly and carefully takes your book away. “Yaa, why are you looking at the table?” he asks a little insecure.  “I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. The image I created in my mind is too good to be true..” you say shyly. You’re a person with a lively imagination, you can daydream and make up stories 24/7, but this makes you feel really insecure.
“You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try,” he says with a little more confident now. Still holding your chin in his hands, you slowly take your eyes off the table and look at his chest. [This is how far I’ll go], you thought. [I don’t want the image to get ruined].
“Yaa, stop teasing me already” he says a little whiny. “I want to see your beautiful face” he adds shyly, his cheeks turning red. For one second he’s glad you’re not looking at him so you can’t see he’s vulnerable.
A little startled by that you look up. You’re looking straight into those deep brown eyes with perfect shaped eyebrows. You see his blushing cheeks and he gives you a smile. The twinkles in his eyes makes you melt. [Omo, I’m dying right here. What’s this? Why? How?] Once again your thoughts are entangled.
“Hi” he says, not sure anymore what to do or say.
“Omo..” is the only thing you blurt out.
“Omo.. what?” You really make him nerves and insecure.
“It’s even better” you say while you look steadily at him. [Oops, did I just say that out loud?] You start to blush. “Mianhae..”
He chuckles and looks at you, amazed by how someone could be so adorable that he wants to giggle.
“Don’t be, it’s okay.”
“Yaaaaaaa~, no!”
you’re freaking out right now. “What do you expect me to do?! Or say?! You totally caught me off guard. I mean.. it’s not like this happens every day: that one of the members of Bigbang joins me.”
He can’t hide his smile. He’s loving what his presence is doing to you. “Oh yes, I totally forgot. How rude.” He reached his hand to you. “I’m Seunghyun.”
Instead of shaking his hand you blink a few times with eyes full of surprise and say: “Really? Didn’t figure that one out.”  You return a smile. Because it’s so easy to talk to him you kinda relax a little bit and feel more comfortable. You notice TOP does the same thing.

“So.. that book. It’s really a nice book, isn’t it?” he says. You nod. You didn’t expect TOP to be reading books and you definitely didn’t expect he’d be reading books ‘your’ genre. You take a sip of your caramel latte macchiato. “It is. I get touched by the story, I can relate in so many things with the girl. She’s so brave.”
After talking a little while about the book and how you spent every Friday at this place reading, TOP takes a look on his watch. “I gotta go.” You hear a slight gloomy tone in his voice. “Schedule,” he says and adds a sad smile. “It was so nice talking to you. Talking about normal things for a change.” He’s giving you a happier smile now. “I really hope we can meet again?”  He says it more like a statement rather as a question. His eyes are twinkling.
[Omo, is he asking me out? Naah, he just wants to meet you again, to talk. About normal things]. There your mind entangles again. “Yes, I’d love too. I had a great time. It was so nice meeting you.” You start to blush. You couldn’t help yourself hoping you would see him again. He is really nice, and so sweet.  “Bye little bookworm.“ He chuckles and leaves, just like that. [Uhm.. you didn’t arrange a new meeting? He wanted to see you but you didn’t make a date? Gaah, he doesn’t want to see you again]. That little voice inside your head makes you sad. Sad because you really thought you two had a click. You put away your book and pack your stuff. Your coffee had become cold as you were busy talking to Seunghyun, you didn’t feel like drinking that anymore. You make sure the waitress gets a small tip and you leave too: you hope to leave the sad thoughts behind and you hope you can forget what happened today, because you don’t see it happen you’ll see Seunghyun again..

One week passes: you’re too busy with schoolwork to think about what happened or to think about Seunghyun. Too busy to worry about the fact he wanted to see you again but you didn’t set a date.

You just ordered a new flavor of coffee (just to try it) and you’re walking to ‘your’ seat. While you look around suddenly an oblong, colorful object strikes your attention. As you’re quicken your step, you can see it’s a book. [Someone forgot to take their book with them] you thought. You take your seat and you couldn’t help but be curious about the book. You’re quite a bookworm and every book, your genre or not: you need to read the backside of it. After you read what the book’s about, you decide you don’t find it interesting enough to read it. But something tells you you have to open the book. Why was it lingering on ‘your’ table anyway? They can’t be mad at you for opening the book, they had to take it with them instead. You look through the book but you can’t find anything that’s worthwhile taking the book with you. Suddenly, you see something written inside of the cover of the book. It’s signed by… Seunghyun.


I needed to cut the whole thing in two parts. Part two will follow really soon!
Please give me some feedback, I’d love to get some <3. I really want to know what you think ^^.

— Tumblr Challenge: Favorite K-Pop band and Why?


Nikki - Sixhundred_Sixty_Six

Guess which Kpop band is my favorite, haha. The first time I saw Bigbang on TV I was shocked. I was like: “that’s not possible. What the hell is that? Is this music?” And yes, I’m very ashamed of those thoughts now. Because you know, I was changing the channels (again) and they were singing “Fantastic Baby.” Those moves, that energy! Since that song I was hooked on Bigbang and I was introduced to the Kpop scene.

The only thing I can say to explain why they’re my favorite Kpop band is that (this sounds really weird though) since that day I’ve been non-stop listening to Bigbang songs, and it’s since that day I feel a lot better about myself. The songs make me smile, and not just smile inside. I’m sitting in the bus listening to one of their songs and a smile appears and I can’t stop smiling! I seriously love that feeling their songs are giving me. I haven’t stop ranting about BB either since that day, hihi.

The five guys been through so much and they’re still kicking it! Through every songs, every music video and every TV show you can really feel their friendship and I think it’s awesome they’re so close and not afraid to show it. All of them are very talented and all those talents put together forms an amazing band:


Who’s the V.I.P? Big Bang is V.I.P!

— Contests & Tumblr Challenges

Hoooray! The staff has decided that we are beginning to get enough members to deem it time for contests and tumblr challenges! Now I’m sure you know what a contest involves, right? Well we will always have two contests up and running, one normal contest but also a kpop themed one! Woo right? Haha. Anyway, the thing you might not recognise is probably the Tumblr Challenges. These challenges will be posted once a day, and you, our members, can post your answer. You can make it all pretty with html and picture… in fact it’s encouraged as a winner will be chosen… to be featured on this blog! Don’t worry though, if a winner has already been chosen you can still post an answer, it means we get to know you more!

A C T I V E  C O N T E S T S  A N D  T U M B L R  C H A L L E N G E S

— Some of the stamps that our designers offer


— Join now Saranghae@Vampirefreaks[dot]com !

— Wet Adventures


A fanfiction I wrote with TOP//Seunghyun.


A warm, pleasant feeling coursed through your body as you held hands with him. His hold on you was firm and strong, making sure you stayed by his side all the time as you two walked through the streets of Seoul.  Every so often, your eyes would move up to him, a shy smile on your face. Choi Seung Hyun, your boyfriend, TOP from Big Bang. It all seemed surreal. Though after dating him for a few weeks now, it was about time you started to believe it. He usually thought it was adorable when you got a bit star struck, but you wanted to fix it anyway. You needed to get used to the fact that Seunghyun was in love with you and you… Well you were also head over heels for him. Suddenly his gaze caught yours as you were looking up at him. “You’re staring at me Jagi.” He said, a soft smile playing on his lips. “Mianhae” you mumbled, looking in front of you again. You heard a soft chuckle coming from him and smiled too. But then your eyes caught something else: the beautiful fountains in front of Seoul City Hall. They never failed to amaze you with their beauty, especially at night with all the lights. Only now they were spraying weakly in the afternoon air, hardly being their usual impressive self. Not that such a thing stopped you from completing your amazing plan. Actually, it made it even easier, you wouldn’t get completely soaked.  “Oppa, the fountains! Let’s go look!” you said, pulling Seunghyun with you in all your excitement. “Jagiya…” he muttered, not really feeling the need to go enjoy the fountains. Sure, it was a hot day.  But he could easily take the heat. Apparently you didn’t seem to agree though.

“Oppa, come on. They’re fun!” you said, releasing your hand from his as you made your way over to the weak fountains. They barely reached your knees. So you kicked of your shoes, picking them up elegantly before you walked into the water. Without doubt you placed your foot into the fountain, feeling it tickle your skin. You moaned softly, enjoying the cold before you turned around to search your boyfriend. Seunghyun was standing out of the water, staring at you with an amused look on his face. He was probably thinking you were adorable again. Either that or he thought you were completely mad. Your bright smile made him smile back at you as you spoke. “Aigoo, why won’t you join me?” “Because I’m not too hot.” He simply answered. It seemed like an obvious, logical answer to him. But you didn’t plan on accepting it. “It’s fun oppa. Look! I’m dancing in between the fountains.” You giggled, twirling around them and feeling how your lilac summer dress moved with you. You hoped to convince him with your cute behavior, knowing aegyo always worked on him. “Please Oppa?” You said, pouting a bit. “Jagi please b…” he started, but before he could complete his sentence a loud PSSHH-sound made him stop. You felt a blast of cold hit you, straight against your legs and up your body. You had been standing over a small fountain that had been too weak to even reach your ankles, but now it was going full force. For a moment you felt frozen in place, surprised at the blast and coldness surrounding you. Seconds later it stopped, allowing you to move to the side. Oh now they were spraying weakly again?!  “Jagiya!” you heard you’re boyfriends voice as he moved to your side. Apparently now the water wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. “I’m fine, I’m fine.” You mumbled while pushing your soaked hair out of your face. The look on his face was worried. “Are you sure?” he asked while holding your shoulders. “Neh oppa. I feel perfectly fine. ” You answered. Actually, with the burning sun on your skin it didn’t feel all too bad. Sure, it surprised you and you probably looked like shit now. But it was nice and refreshing too.  Though you had a feeling your answer didn’t exactly please him. “See Jagiya, I knew it was a bad idea to go and pla-“he started, but then the same thing happened.

*PSSSSSSSHHHHHHH* it went again, the fountains shooting up in the sky. Only this time you were out of reach. It was as if you witnessed the scene from before, only now he was the one getting soaked. The fountains stopped again and your eyes caught sight of your drenched boyfriend. His cap was on the ground, revealing his bright blue – and currently spiky - hair. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide as he tried to deal with the cold of the water. “Aish.” He said all of a sudden, making a small giggle escape your throat. You hand flew up, covering your mouth as he glared at you. “Don’t you dare laugh.” He said his voice strong. Though you knew that look in his eyes and the hidden teasing tone in his voice. It was too much. You felt more laughter coming up, causing you to burst out in a fit of giggles. He looked hilarious with his soaked shirt and jeans. Not to mention his hair or the look on his face. Then he came your way.  “Jagiya… Come here you!” he said with a smile on his face. You dived to the side, avoiding his arms. “I’m not scared of you Mr Choi Seunghyun!” you said out loud, sticking out your tongue at him. You knew he probably thought all of this was so childish, yet you knew he couldn’t resist this playful, adorable side of yours. He laughed a bit, coming your way again. Until, “OMO IS THAT TOP FROM BIG BANG?!!” a loud voice yelled.

“IT IS.!!” Another voice continued. Your eyes flashed to your boyfriend, seeing the realization dawn onto his face. The cap… the cap was gone because of the water. His hair was obviously easy to spot without that. And you said his name. Oh no. This time you didn’t move away as he reached for your hand and started to pull you with him. You followed after him, running like crazy. Of course he was more experienced at this; he did it before. But soon you felt yourself running out of breath and he didn’t miss that either. “A little bit more Jagiya.” He said, pulling you through various streets while you heard the screaming fan girls running behind you. Suddenly darkness surrounded you and you felt yourself pressed against your boyfriend’s chest in a hidden alley.

You buried your face against his shirt, hearing the loud thuds of his heart. Finally the silence returned… they were gone. But Seunghyun kept you against him. And that’s when your eyes caught a glimpse of his wet shirt. At first you didn’t really took notice of his wet clothing, but seeing as it was all in your face now, you couldn’t exactly miss it. His white shirt was transparent, giving you a rather nice view of his chest. Now, you two had been dating for a while. There had been kissing and the occasional touch here and there. But this was different. Now you were seeing his chest sort of exposed for the first time… all up in your face… oh boy.  Your eyes glided over the surface, spotting the darkened skin of his nipples. Then you moved to his slightly toned chest and back up. You hardly realized that your mouth was hanging open. You lingered for a while on the drops of water on his collarbone, dazzled by his beauty, before your eyes went over his lips and to his eyes. It was only then you realized he was watching you. “You’re staring at me Jagiya.” He repeated himself. You felt the redness creep up your cheeks and took a step backwards. “Mianhae Oppa.” You said, also repeating yourself. You mentally wanted to slap yourself.  “It didn’t mean you had to stop doing that.” He said all of a sudden. And for the first time you noticed he was blushing too. Though whereas your blush probably made you look like a tomato, his made his face even more handsome. How did he do that? “I - I just didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable Oppa. Since you’re slightly over exposed and all.” You answered, gesturing for his shirt. “Look who’s talking Jagi.” He said, grinning at you. At first you didn’t understand but then his eyes moved down to your body and so did yours. You gasped for air as you realized your lilac dress was as much see-through as his white shirt was. Your black panties and bra were visible to the whole world. “Oh god.” You complained, your face getting even redder. Can it get any more embarrassing? “Come here.” He said, smirking at you as he opened his arms again. You quickly accepted it, pouting slightly as he pulled you closer again. “I look terrible.” You complained. “Not really, I sort of enjoy it.” He said teasingly. You poked his chest and giggled. “Babo.” You mumbled, making him chuckle again. “I’ll call the company to come and get us. I’m not letting you out in public like that. That sight is mine and mine only.” He grinned, kissing your forehead. It made you feel all jittery and loved. He would always take care of you. “Saranghae Oppa.” You said sweetly. “Saranghae Jagiya.” He answered with a happy smile before pulling out his phone.


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